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Sterilization & Safety Procedures
Effective date: May 7, 2020

The health of our professionals and our clients is a top priority at Blow & Go. In addition to our standard sanitizing protocols already in place (and listed below), Blow & Go has added some essential infection control practices to ensure a safe and sanitary experience when you book an at-home service.

  • As always, B & G continues to sanitize/ disinfect all non-porous tools (brushes, combs, blowers, flat irons, scissors). They are disinfected with EPA-registered and labeled bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal – ie: hand sanitizer, Barbicide, Lysol, Lysol Wipes).

  • All porous tools such as towels and capes are machine washed clean and used solely for that service appointment. Each client is draped with freshly washed, unused capes and towels.

  • B & G Professionals AND CLIENTS are required to wear a face mask during the service.

  • B & G Professionals has incorporated the use of gloves to reduce personal contact. Gloves are disposed of after each service.

  • Hands are washed before and after each service.

  • Services are preferably conducted in an outdoor setting, weather permitting.


To re-assure you of our best practices, B & G has been professionally trained and certified by Barbicide to mitigate these risks significantly through the use of proper infection control standards as mandated by the state regulatory licensing rules and regulations. Click here to view our certification.

We must remind you that all services within the Professional Beauty Industry carry some risk in this viral environment due to the nature of the services provided and the inability to maintain social distancing. Therefore, it is imperative both professionals and clients adhere to these new standards during service appointments. Failure to do so can not only increase the risk of viral infection but may also terminate services in session and all future services thereafter.

We understand these are frustrating times and very much appreciate your patience and understanding. Blow & Go will remain diligent about staying in communication with our community regarding operations during this pandemic. 

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